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The West Central Texas Region 7 Regionally Coordinated Transportation Planning (RCTP) believes that the efforts made through planning and coordination will eventually help overcome some of the transportation barriers and obstacles for our area. West Central Texas RCTP stakeholders create and maintain a long-term blueprint of the region’s transportation system. The five-year plan identifies and analyzes transportation needs of the region and creates a framework for future projects. We plan to provide affordable, accessible and connected transportation services that allow access to employment, education, healthcare, and commerce, and meeting the social needs of the communities within West Central Texas.

Transportation helps shape an area’s economic environment and quality of life. Not only does the transportation system provide for the mobility of people and goods, it also influences patterns of growth and economic activity through accessibility to the region’s resources. The planning process is more than merely listing services and transit capital investments; it requires developing strategies for operating, managing, maintaining, and financing the area’s transportation system in such a way as to advance the area’s long-term goals.

Our History

West Central Texas Regionally Coordinated Transportation Planning (RCTP) was created by the 78th Texas Legislature in June 2003 with the passage of House Bill 3588, Article 13 and as incorporated in Chapter 460 of the Texas Transportation Code, for the purpose of coordination of public transit throughout the state of Texas. Public transportation provider services were defined as, “… any provider receiving public funds (federal/state/local) providing or offering transportation services to clients.”

Starting in 2005, TXDOT Public Transportation Division required each of 24 Regions to develop a Regionally Coordinated Transportation Plan. The West Central Texas Region is Region 7. The regional boundaries are consistent with West Central Texas Council of Governments (WCTCOG) regional boundaries.

Central Texas Rural Transit District (CTRTD) or City and Rural Rides (CARR) was the lead agency for updating the West Central Texas Regionally Coordinated Transportation Plan (RCTP) until FY’ 2018. The role of lead agency moved to the City of Abilene’s CityLink following CARR’s successful submitted the 2017 Region 7 five-year plan.